Central Machinery 3 ton jacks

Los Angeles, California 2 comments

I am a mobile mechanic and I use jack stands frequently. I am dissatisfied with the performance of the Central Machinery 3 ton jack stands.

Two sets of jacks collapsed on two different occasions. The first occasion I could have lost my life, within one minute of getting from under the car, the jacks collapsed. The second instance occured as I lowered a car onto the jacks.

These incidents happend within six months of each other and with fairly new jacks. I have looked other places and have not seen complaints about this but I know it has happend to other people and I hope they were not harmed by the faulty design of these jacks.



The photo doesn't show where these supposedly failed. Standing on the counter they look normal height with only side damage.

The welded base appears intact, although crushed on the side, and the cast part and dog used to adjust the height appears intact.

I don't understand how these got crushed unless they were not sitting on a hard flat surface while supporting the load. None of the welds appear broken.


They look pretty banged up, bent, etc. I think you abused them and tried using them for something they aren't rated for.

No serious mechanic depends on these little cheap things to stop a 4000lb car from crushing them. Get some cement or even wood blocks as a backup.

If all else fails, everyone knows to slide a tire rim under the car to stop it from killing you.

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